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What We Do

We will visit your home while you are away to take care of your furry, feathery, and scaly friends.

We sit for a range of small family pets. We specialize in small dogs and cats primarily but will sit for rabbits, chickens, snakes, fish, lizards, goats, birds, and very well-behaved large dogs.

Large dogs require a reference from neighbors or prior pet sitters.

Administer medications

We are comfortable administering medications for pets on tablets and even injection prescriptions.

Wellness Checks

We are happy to visit your pet multiple times per day if they need more personal attention. Most pet parents have us visit 1-3 times per day.

Text Updates

Sending text and photo updates is the norm with us. We never want you worry about your pets welbeing while you are away. Peace of mind is what a good pet sitter will give you.

Home Visits

We will come to your home 1-2 times per day to care for your pet while you are away. 

We will visit with your pet, clean litter boxes, provide fresh food and water, and provide playtime and walks for dogs. 

Emergency Vet Care

In the rare case of an emergency, we can arrange to get your pet to the vet of your choice. 

In the spirit of covering all bases, we will discuss this with you, ahead of time.

Daily Playtime

We can provide extra services such as extra dog walking, pet brushing/grooming, taking out/bringing in trash cans.

We can even take care of your leafy friends with plant watering as needed.


From Our Furry Friends

Ivy is a wonderful pet sitter who takes excellent care of our furry troop! Right off the bat when we first met her we got an excellent first impression. She is very warm and friendly and was great with our pets! When we came home after our weekend away our pets were relaxed and happy.


Murphys Pet Sitting are amazing! I am obsessed with my cats and given towards worrying and feeling guilty for leaving them at home while I travel, but knowing they will be taking care of them makes me feel so much better!


I have a cabin in Arnold and Ivy from Murphys Pet Sitting did an excellent job watching my cat while I was out of town. I have an older cat who is on several medications, eats a special mix of food, and can be a little grumpy. Ivy handled it all.


This is such a professional and outstanding catsitting company! They make sure to get all the info from you about your home and your pets before the first visit, and they even asked questions I didn't think to tell, such as where cleaning supplies were and who our preferred vet was just in case.

Captain Jack


Pet Resources

Specialty Pet Shop

Murphys is lucky to have an amazing specialty dog store downtown.

They will fit your dog with the perfect harness, collar, and coat (for those chilly winter days).

Vets in Our Area

You will find fantastic vetrinarian care in MurphysArnold and Angels Camp.

For emergency services, both the Murphys Vet and the Angels Camp Vet use the Airvet app.

Our Goal is to Give You Peace of Mind.

Knowing Your Pet is Well Cared for

While You are Away.

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