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PO Box 74 Murphys CA 95247

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M–F: 10am - 4pm

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Frequently Asked

Do you walk dogs?

Dog walking is available for $10/30 minute walk on leash.

What are you rates

$25/ day for 1 visit daily

this includes feeding and watering all pets in the home.

$35/day for 2 visits daily

$10/30min dog walk

$15/2x 30 min dog walk/day

Can you pet sit for my snake?

WE are comfortable sitting for most small pets, snakes included.

We take care of reptiles, birds, goats, small dogs, cats, fish, chickens, peacocks you name it!


what areas do you service

Our services are available to the residences within the Murphys CA township. We are based near Forest Meadows.

Do you only sit for small dogs?

We sit mostly for small dogs but will pet sit for large dogs that are very well-behaved. We require character references for large dogs before we will agree to sit for them. 

Do you have pets of your own?

In our home, we have two cheeky cats and a teenage kitten as well as a pampered pug dog and a ball python snake.  

During the summer months, we take in foster kittens to help out local cat rescues.

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